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#189: Zen Under the Gun (Book Review Podcast)

Enjoy a review of the book Zen Under the Gun. This book overflows with the power of wisdom amidst a society crumbling in turmoil. China in the 9th and 10th centuries was a degenerating society, overrun by warlords and fake spirituality. Yet, this did not hamper Zen! This podcast touches on the essence of pure perception and direct Knowing, and how these treasures can come alive in your daily life.  Listen now by clicking on the right arrow, or download:

Played: 4183 | Download | Duration: 00:24:41

#188: Three REALLY Big Ideas - Free these Dynamos and Renew Your Inner World

Are you ready for a profound shift to a new order of Reality and Being? Release vast reservoirs of energy with these three immense and practical ideas.

Played: 3563 | Download | Duration: 00:20:20

#187: Modern Technology and the Spiritual Quest -- Finding Productivity in a Sea of Escapism and Addiction

ONE: The Native Americans Indians, and their excellent example of simplicity and integrity. TWO: Modern times and the enormous challenge we all face in avoiding the avalanche of information overload. THREE: How can we use modern technology and its gadgetry in productive ways for the spiritual quest?  FOUR:  How sophisticated manipulators use attractive words to harness our attention. This podcast explores challenging themes that heal and liberate.

Played: 3138 | Download | Duration: 00:20:39

#186 Whirlpools in the Stream: Self-Observation Seen in a Wonderful New Way

This excerpt from the May 2012 SuperWisdom Online Class demonstrates a powerful new view of the classic spiritual technique of Self-Observation. Discover the importance of questioning sacred cows, such as the common advice to establish one part of the mind that views the other parts. Learn how, in fact, this creates division and conflict. In this podcast, the metaphor of the stream with little spinning whirlpools is used as a bridge to Oneness, Wholeness, and Happiness. Visit the class archives page for the full length recording, and links to resources discussed.   (Note: the author and spiritual teacher Vernon Howard, is referred to in this recording by just Vernon.)

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#185: J. Krishnamurti and the Illusion of a Spiritual Destination Achieved "In Time"

ONE: The jolt that comes with slowing down, and taking a different path from the huge human herd. TWO: How we waste precious energy by not keeping our inner life intentions to ourselves. THREE: A powerful statement of freedom from J. Krishnamurti. FOUR: The illusion that spiritual practices, of themselves, will take you to awakening. FIVE: The importance of having a neutral gear, and starting all over from neutral. SIX: The apex of the pyramid, and how this must be first in life. SEVEN: The healing sacred sword, spoken of by Christ. EIGHT: The inner life meaning of Christ's healing tours to towns throughout the land. NINE: The opening to Life, with its inherent humor and buoyancy.

Played: 12606 | Download | Duration: 00:19:38

#184: The Illusion of Enemies - Dissolve the Tyranny of Wanting to be "Liked"

ONE: Four illuminating questions  from the audience. TWO: Discover how all energy is pure at its source, but gets diverted through misunderstanding into upholding negative networks.  THREE: Enjoy new insights into harmonious male/female relationships. FOUR: Learn how Vernon Howard described gossipers.

Played: 12594 | Download | Duration: 00:17:46

#183: Moments of Higher Consciousness - The Wonders of Life without ADDITIVES

Plus! ONE: Throw off the baggage of formulas, expectations, and dogma disguised as wisdom. TWO: Separate the message from the messenger - what all true teachers have championed. THREE: The good cheer of an entirely new level of learning. FOUR: Allow your Essence to make its own connections.

Played: 2948 | Download | Duration: 00:14:01

#182: The Inner Life Meaning of Christmas - Reclaiming the New Testament for Esoteric Scientists

The New Testament overflows with transformative meaning, once understood from the inner life viewpoint. Tom and Fred delve deep into key lessons, including: 

1. The inner life meaning of leaven bread, and why it must be hidden away.
2.  The surprisingly rich insights from, "Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."
3. What does it mean, inwardly, when Christ walks on water? Why are the disciples afraid as he approaches?
4. What does it mean to "sell all you have," in the parable of the man who finds a great pearl and wants to acquire it?
5. Christ says, "You can't put new wine into old bottles." What is the vital inner meaning?
6. The parable of the Good Samaritan - it means so much more than you were taught in Sunday School.
7. Christ speaks often of "sleep" and "awakening from sleep." Why?
8. The New Birth and the actual meaning of Christmas, along with a special remembering exercise to practice.

* Check out Maurice Nicoll's book The New Man mentioned in this podcast. 

Played: 3198 | Download | Duration: 00:36:30

#181: Christ and the Divine River - the 80/20 Principle Applied to the Inner Life

ONE: How doing less can be doing more - the 80/20 Principle. TWO: How the big aim of "enlightenment someday" can desensitize us. THREE: Society as a herd of "destinationist." FOUR: Tom's two favorite words. FIVE: Wisdom from the Bible, including "resist not evil." SIX: The gentle touch of something different. SEVEN: Link to Tom's article on "The Micro and Macro Orbits of Energy." Read here.

Played: 3290 | Download | Duration: 00:17:16

#180: "I Don't Know" -- Your Gateway to the Inner Stars

ONE: Honoring the Source that calls you back Home. TWO: The Bible's Manna from Heaven - receive truckloads of spiritual nutrition. THREE: How the inner domain flows in living vitality, and can never be bolted down. FOUR: The importance of setting something aside for awhile, and coming back to it later. FIVE: A new view of where GRATITUDE fits in on the spiritual quest. SIX: The dance of sparks within. SEVEN: Jeanne de Salzmann - "The question is not what to do, but how to see." EIGHT: How "I don't know" is the gateway to Understanding. NINE: Read sections 96,97 and 98 in The Reality of Being.

Played: 3397 | Download | Duration: 00:24:01

#179: Money and the Meaning of Life - A Liberating Discussion on a Sensitive Subject

Sparked by a question from Nina in San Francisco, Tom and Fred delve deep into the subject of money. Enjoy references and insights about money from Vernon Howard, J. Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, the New Testament and Jacob Needleman. Discover an ideal book for further study, that beautifully and practically connects money to inner development. Free yourself to think in a whole new way toward this vital subject.

Played: 3614 | Download | Duration: 00:28:19

#178: Sex and Spirituality - The Wondrous World of Relationships Part 2

1) Insight from Dorothy about co-dependency, and its heavy impact on relationships. 2) The sacredness of sex energy. 3) The Bible's story of Sodom and Gomorrah - the devastating consequences of misusing sex energy. 4) How societies go "vampire." 5) Granting to others the sacred space of LOVE -- the meaning of LOVE in its highest sense. 6) Young people and sexuality. 7) The trap of seeing yourself as a "loving" person. 8) The fallacy of "super student" and the stressful striving for "enlightenment" someday.

Played: 4213 | Download | Duration: 00:32:16

#177: The Five Sacred Relationships -- Self, Nature, Friendships, Groups, Cosmos

Tom and Fred explore the expansion of our understanding of relationships, and how broadening our viewpoint to these five areas, brings great power and vitality to this crucial area of our lives. Links in this podcast: 

Pictures from the Nature section

Vernon Howard's booklet Sex and Sweethearts  (2nd to last row, right side, on this page)
Another great booklet on this page is Your Power to Say No

SuperWisdom Podcast on Idries Shah's Learning How to Learn

Enjoy a recording of a recent tele-class open discussion on this topic.

Played: 3973 | Download | Duration: 00:33:40

#176: Centering Back to the Supreme Source - A Treasury of Metaphors and Analogies

ONE: Pages discussed from De Salzmann's book "The Reality of Being. TWO: The Sphere of your Being. THREE: Return to the Source at the center of the Sphere. FOUR: How to work through resistance. FIVE: Rise now to an entirely new level of gentle, intelligent application of potent inner life principles. SIX: How to be kind to yourself. See bookstore link to right to order Jeanne's book.

Played: 4064 | Download | Duration: 00:18:40

#175 - How to Unclutter the Mind from Unnatural Spiritual Ambitions

ONE:  Your invitation to Saturday, March 5th online class. TWO: The key transition from hunting Truth, to being hunted BY Truth. THREE: The possibilities of consciousness. FOUR:  How wrong struggle intensifies the world's clever web. FIVE: Michael in New Zeland asks for a discussion on a Vernon Howard sentence about pretense. SIX: Finding a profession you naturally enjoy. SEVEN: How these principles are the gold standard for an enjoyable life. 

Played: 4337 | Download | Duration: 00:13:19

#174: Opportunity and Caution - What Absolutely Must Be Known About Spiritual Groups

Discover how to make the most of group learning opportunities and discussions. What warning signs might appear that a given group has turned in a destructive direction? Receive crucial information for detecting both the opportunities and cautions.  Links mentioned in this podcast: Idries Shah's Learning How to Learn and Jet Li's movie Fearless.

Played: 3860 | Download | Duration: 00:15:03

#173: Step Out of the Mental Box of Everyone Else's "Knowing" - a Feast of Q & A

Welcome to the fifth year of this podcast! We start 2011 with several great questions. ONE) From Dan in Canada: "When I think I know something, am I depending on memory of some inner event or do I know it right now?" TWO) Jijo in California: "I watched the movie As it is in Heaven. So many great insights in that movie. One that stand out are, "The church hands out sin in one hand and redemption in the other." THREE) Suzie writes, "Why are there no self unified minds in power, when surely an aware person could trump an unaware person easily? I realize I am asking a big question but i really hope you get the time to answer me, as i really value what your organization stands for."  

Played: 4027 | Download | Duration: 00:22:03

#172: The Gospel According to Thomas - Drink from the Same Well of Healing Water as Christ Himself

Tom Russell speaks before a live audience on The Gospel According to Thomas. ONE: Discover how this precious Gospel reveals that spiritual darkness is simply fragmentation. TWO: How healing the inner opposites brings one to the gate of awakening. THREE: Enjoy a vivid story of the Gnostics' struggle against entrenched church power structures. FOUR: Learn how Truth begins pure and bright but gradually freezes over as it passes through cold human minds.  FIVE: Read the Gospel here. SIX: Previous SuperWisdom audio discussion on the Nag Hammadi Library. SEVEN: Enjoy a well researched and presented youtube video series  on The Gospel According to Thomas and the Nag Hammadi Library, produced by the BBC.  

Played: 3871 | Download | Duration: 00:27:29

#171: Love and the Secret of Conscious Acting

ONE: Exploration of the ancient principle - "We live in two words at the same time." TWO: How to move with ease between various roles, and how the fundamental problem is getting stuck in a role. THREE:  A fabulous connection of a core spiritual principle with success in business. FOUR: Explanation of Vernon Howard's "Transfer Technique." FIVE: How to be a five star actor, while maintaining the crucial connection to the Supreme.

Played: 3946 | Download | Duration: 00:12:59

#170: Jeanne de Salzmann's Masterpiece: The Reality of Being

Imagine someone asking, "What three books would you take to a deserted island?" Well, this book by Jeanne de Salzmann, "The Reality of Being" would have to be one of them for Fred and I. There never again need be obscurity over what "the inner work" means, and how to go about it in a highly intelligent, patient and profitable way. In this podcast we focus particularly on Section 90 - "How do I listen?"<< MORE >>

#169: Beyond the Edges of Knowing - Your Secret Inner State of Potential and Peace of Mind

ONE: The three word catalyst - the question that creates dynamic inner space. TWO: The great mistake of thinking from beliefs. THREE: How the dynamics of the spiritual path change as one proceeds. FOUR: Transcend the mind at war with itself. FIVE: Links to the J. Krishnamurti podcast and the movie The Matrix . << MORE >>

#168: Enter the Flow of Direct Perception -- How to Make the Most of True Books

1) Quiet perception instead of internal drama. 2) The power of spiritual learning when gained from true books. 3) The Yin and Yang of knowing from your True Self. 4) The human mind's amazing ability to deceive itself. 5) The one element all true books have. 6) Introduction to Jeanne de Salzmann's just published book. << MORE >>

#167: The Source of Living Truth -- What Your Heart Hears that the Intellect can Never Hear

ONE: Knowing, not quoting. TWO: (2:15) The significance of listening and its different dimensions. THREE: (5:01) The reversal from intellect to Essence. FOUR: (9:00) The trap of procedures and rules. FIVE: (11:28) How the human mind craves props and beliefs. SIX: (15:07) How the real Bible is in the Living Truth flowing vertically from your sacred Center. SEVEN: (18:02) Unfolding a whole new understanding of "I". EIGHT:(20:35) Inner unity and the New Testament symbolism of marriage and the wedding feast. << MORE >>

#166 A Whole New Understanding of "The Devil" -- for Politically Incorrect Sojourners Only

ONE: The SuperWisdom Movie List Page. TWO: Understanding the power and necessity of Divine Conflict. THREE: How "The Devil" is not something to be squashed, but harnessed. FOUR: How release followed by resistance forms a catalyst. FIVE: The swamp society swims in, and why it splashes around there century after century. SIX: Cultivate your sacred ability to AFFIRM what you know to be true. SEVEN: Marriage - the Bible's symbolism for inner life unity and harmony.<< MORE >>

#165: Transcend the Daily Grind - Seven Proven Modalities for Energetic Release and Stress-Free Living

ONE: How false comfort keeps us in familiar old habit patterns. TWO: The grand secret of inner change - a willingness to "feel" wrong without BEING wrong. THREE: A look at how trying to be spiritual and "live in the present moment" can itself turn mechanical. FOUR: A discussion of these seven specific and proven modalities for release. FIVE: Links to modalities discussed in this podcast:<< MORE >>

#164: The Four Zones of Beingness and the Secret of Spontaneity

This podcast explores the four zones of Beingness -- Red Zone, Yellow Zone, Green and Blue Zone. Discover how one's unfolding Essence can oscillate between the Green and Blue Zones. What elements make up each zone? This live talk by Tom Russell uses the power of story and imagery to convey practical information that can serve you for the rest of your life.<< MORE >>

#163: The American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and the Vast Spiritual Connections

ONE: The key shift in our thinking symbolized by the American Revolution. TWO: How to make your Spiritual Declaration of Independence. THREE: The power of being brand new to these inner life studies, and how you can see things without the filter of "experience." FOUR: Why time means nothing in the inner journey. FIVE: The importance of keeping your early discoveries to yourself. SIX: How George Washing learned from his mistakes. SEVEN: Meet Henry Knox, the highly capable and effective young general. EIGHT: How to master the spiritual art of DISAPPEARANCE (The Battle of Long Island.) NINE: Wonderful book "1776" by David McCullough. TEN: SuperWisdom Monthly Live Meeting now open to all! You're invited. Tell friends! July 3rd topic "Inner Life Connections to The American Revolution."<< MORE >>

#162: Perception Without Filters - An Invitation to Inquiry from J. Krishnamurti (This is a comprehensive five star podcast)

This podcast explores this inquiry by J. Krishnamurti, using several analogies and mental pictures for inspiration and clarity. Here's the inquiry from Mr. Krishnamurti: "So we are asking how does it happen that the brain, which is so tremendously, eagerly and enthusiastically active, can naturally, easily, without any effort or suppression, be quiet? I'll show it to you. As we said, during the day it is active endlessly, the moment you wake up, you look out of the window and say, 'Oh, awful rain', or, 'It's a marvellous, lovely morning, but too hot'. You have started. At that moment when you look out of the window not to say a word, not suppressing words, to realize that by saying, what a lovely morning, what horrible rain, this or that, the brain has started. But if you watch out of the window and not say a word, which doesn't mean you suppress the word, just to observe without all the memory of the past, just to observe. Right? "So there you have the clue, there you have the key. To observe without the old brain responding. Therefore when the old brain doesn't respond there is a quality of the new brain coming into being. Are you getting all this? You can observe the hills, the mountains, the river, the valleys, the shadows, the lovely trees, and the marvellous cloud full of light and glory beyond the mountains, to look at it without a word, without comparing. But it becomes much more difficult when you look at your neighbor, at your wife, your husband, another person. There you have already got the images established and it becomes much more difficult to observe your wife, your husband, your neighbour, your politician, your priest, or whatever it is, absolutely without an image. Just to observe, and you will see when you so observe, so clearly see, the action becomes extraordinary vital, therefore it becomes a complete action which is not carried over the next minute." - (Saanen 7th Public Talk 30th July 1970)<< MORE >>

#161: A Liberating Look at Conditioning and Manipulation - "The Age of Manipulation" by Wilson Bryan Key

The information revealed here startles and upsets before it heals. Some three decades ago, Dr. Wilson Bryan Key wrote a dynamic series of books on media manipulation, subliminal advertising and control tactics. His books provide invaluable clues for the inner life scientist who wants to clear the mind and walk in real freedom amidst this insecure and aggressive society. Challenging, yes, but great relief abides in this recording. Enjoy, but listen at your own risk, or should I say, listen at the conditioned self's risk.<< MORE >>

#160: The Big Picture -- Using BOTH your Inner Life Hands for Revelation and New Vitality

ONE: How the application of spiritual principles in one's daily life is one hand, while silence and the honoring of quiet time is the other. This podcast explores how these two hands can move closer together and work in perfect harmony. TWO: Author Vernon Howard reveals the ideal way to see yourself, and it's not with self-esteem! THREE: The three best times of the day for spiritual work. FOUR: The single most neglected spiritual practice, yet it is without a doubt the most important. FIVE: Link to the Active Rest podcast - an ideal "transition" to silence as discussed in this podcast. << MORE >>

#159: The Ancient Vedas and the Three Gunas, Plus One of the Most Transformational Lessons Taught by Christ

The ancient Vedas convey wonderfully practical wisdom for spiritual unfoldment, as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Woven into this discussion on the Vedas you'll discover one of Christ's most profound lessons -- a spiritual principle of immense value that is hidden in the Bible's literary imagery. Here is the link mentioned at the end of the podcast to Paramahansa Yogananda's God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita. 

Played: 5968 | Download | Duration: 00:17:50

#158: The Enlightened Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius -- His Glistening Insights into the Higher World

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius demonstrated with great skill how to prosper in both the higher world of eternal wisdom, and daily life on earth. In this podcast Tom and Fred delve deep into his fascinating esoteric biography, and his inspiring book "Meditations." Insights from the audience discussed in the second half, mainly concerning podcast #156 and how to live sanely in this insane world.<< MORE >>

#157: Henry David Thoreau and the Masterpiece "Walden" - Vivid Imagery for Your Charmed Life of Wakefulness

The crisp language and imagery in "Walden" lift the wisdom seeker to profound heights of perception. In this podcast Tom and Fred highlight some of Thoreau's most practical and uplifting lessons. Read the book online here. << MORE >>

#156: A) Awareness in Movement as the Doorway to Silence B) Staying Sane while Employed in the Insane Corporate World

Starting with a powerful example from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Tom and Fred explore movement as a doorway to silence. Taoism, Acupuncture and Tai Chi mentioned as examples of this ancient and profound discovery. The dialogue changes gears to discuss a powerful post on this website by Christine. See her post here. How does one stay sane and not whither inside while having to work in the corporate world? << MORE >>

#155: Essence Unleashed -- Part Two of the Biographies of J. Krishnamurti . . . "Kitchen Chronicles" by Michael Krohnen

Using a fabulous biography of great depth and inspiration, this podcast delves deep into J. Krishnamurti's timeless message for modern day truth students. For Part One in this series, see podcast episode #153. << MORE >>

#154: Finding a True Teacher -- How Great Teachings Get Distorted by Followers

This essential topic resonates deeply with every sincere lover of wisdom and spiritual vitality. With so many traps and possible missteps, what matters most in finding a true source of aid for inner transformation? Are things different in our modern times? What new knowledge exists today that might better match the needs of the modern day truth seeker? This podcast is an excerpt from the SuperWisdom Foundation monthly tele/web-class.<< MORE >>

#153: "Perception of the Total is Immediate, without Preparation or Time" -- Two Fabulous Biographies of J. Krishnamurti

Discover the delight and humor, as well as the immense challenge offered by the great spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti. This podcast draws from two biographies: "Kitchen Chronicles" by Michael Krohnen and "Krishnamurti" by Pupul Jayakar. Receive powerful new light on fundamental principles, for example, why it is, in Krishnamurti's words, "wearisome" and unproductive to struggle and strain to be "aware."<< MORE >>

#152: Zen in the Art of Archery, by Eugen Herrigel

In only 79 pages, this classic little book not only tells a great personal story, but illustrates in unforgettable ways the advanced principles of Zen. Eugen Herrigel wrote "Zen in the Art of Archery" after his five year stay in Japan in the early 1950's. Discover how a specific practice, in this case archery, can be employed to open the deepest Truths of the Universe. (Announcement: Our next podcast will be January 16, 2010.)<< MORE >>

#151: George Orwell's Animal Farm -- Find Pure Spiritual Delight in this Powerful Classic

With humor and loads of new insights, Tom and Fred delve deep into George Orwell's classic novel "Animal Farm." Discover how well the sophisticated brainwashing techniques employed today are clearly seen through and understood! Great relief is in this podcast for you -- the relief of thinking for yourself! << MORE >>

#150: How Modern Scientific Experiments Help Melt Away Entrenched Beliefs and Devitalizing Notions

Explore the immense power of creative imagination and belief. Tom and Fred draw on modern experiments regarding the placebo effect, plus experiments measuring the Heart's sphere of power registered up to 50 feet away. Learn how most humans live in the self-created prison of an inverted triangle, and how to reverse the triangle with the base in the region of our Essence, our Breath. This is a five star podcast, added to the best of the best list at www.superwisdom.com << MORE >>

#149: Symbolic Wisdom in the LABYRINTH--Rising Above Severe Storms that Occasionally Blow Your Way

Fred explores the spiritual journey symbolism found in beautiful labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. Learn the secret of passing through severe inner storms. Enjoy five questions and insights from this worldwide audience. << MORE >>

#148: Gateway to Silence and Receptivity - A Real Time Kinesthetic Awareness Exercise

Discover how to access your muscle awareness for a soothing yet highly empowering entrance to silence and receptivity. Nothing like this has ever been recorded on the internet before. Save this special podcast for when you are home with time to yourself.<< MORE >>

#147: The Instant Oasis -- Four Huge Steps UP on the Spiritual Quest

This podcast reviews four very significant realizations in the unfoldment of the inner spiritual kingdom. Learn how Reality uses dry spells to smash barriers for the release of refreshing Truth and abiding good cheer. << MORE >>

#146: "How would a True Self person interact with an insane, false self rampant world?"

A fascinating journey with these thoughtful questions from Anne in Phoenix -- ONE: When I interact with the external world, it is obvious to see the ego, false self operating in others (I see it in myself more and more, though not as often or as clearly as in others). However, when I am able to see in that way, I often feel that I'm being "critical" -- or not looking at the positive side of people. How would a true self person interact with an insane, false self rampant world? *** TWO: I'm wondering what your view is on all of the various breathing techniques, body postures, mantras, chanting exercises, kriyas -- that have been handed down by the various yogi masters. *** THREE: And – this is just personal curiosity – but how did you and Fred come to this level of understanding? << MORE >>

#145: The Healing Power of Forgiveness - Q & A Before Break - Next Podcast October 17th

ONE: Happiness and wisdom flow from the foundation of forgiveness. From the esoteric viewpoint, what does it really mean to forgive, and how do you do it? TWO: Question on how to deal with a "know it all" spiritual friend, and another on what "The Great Work" wishes for all of us. THREE: We're on break until Saturday, October 17th. Enjoy the archives! << MORE >>

#144: Mysteries of the Inner Life Christians -- The Nag Hammadi Library and the Gnostic Movement of 110 A.D

The Gnostics brought inner life wealth to the message of Christianity. They sought direct knowing, not structure. The movement was largely misunderstood until the 1945 discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library. Now we enjoy wonderful new light on these fascinating Truth seekers. This podcast discusses key points about the Gnostics, including their history and a brief look at "The Secret Book of James" and "The Gospel According to Thomas."<< MORE >>

#143: When your spouse or significant other has little or no interest in higher ideas, what do you do?

This is a recorded dialogue discussion between 8 or 9 people -- a thorough and honest look at a crucial, yet sometimes very touchy subject. This 17 minute podcast contains a goldmine of secrets for stress-free relationships and your spiritual growth. Discover bright and productive viewpoints that can aid you for a lifetime. Please share this with your friends.<< MORE >>

#142 - See Through Fear and Vernon Howard's Classic "Walk Yourself Awake" Spiritual Exercise

ONE: A look at mass hypnosis and how fear gets generated over future events, for example, the 2012 Mayan Calendar "end of the world" drama. TWO: Special guest speaker on this podcast! Yes, hear Vernon Howard himself give his classic "Walk Yourself Awake" exercise. THREE: How to wisely spread spiritual seeds to receptive people, so you don't get bitten! << MORE >>

#141: Reclaim Your Imagination - The Sacred Power Neglected by Millions of Spiritual Seekers

ONE: How humans misuse imagination to create their personal unhappiness factory. TWO: Precise ways imagination can be reclaimed and purified. THREE: The trap of selective listening. FOUR: The supreme secret of a gentle switch, not a stubborn opposition. FIVE: Vernon Howard's startling comment on the imaginative power of an awakened mind. SIX: Fred leads an exercise to demonstrate how imagination leads to ease of movement. SEVEN: How your purified power of imagination prepares and energizes the space in which a future event is scheduled to occur. EIGHT: How to hold spiritual principles in the mind for extended periods of time. << MORE >>

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